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In response to the global ascent of reggaeton and Latin urban music, Premios Tu Música Urbano embraced a transformative journey for its live broadcast debut. Recognizing the surge in popularity and the expanding audience of passionate fans, the brand underwent a comprehensive revamp to deliver a fresh and exhilarating awards show experience, setting it apart as a unique and unmatched celebration of the dynamic world of Latin urban music.

Premios Tu Música Urbano
Chris Williams, Javier Castro


The team at Premios Tu Música Urbano sought to make a lasting impression on a worldwide audience during its live broadcast debut. To achieve this, we undertook a comprehensive brand overhaul, incorporating a fresh logo design, brand identity, promotional marketing and creative, motion graphics, and a live-broadcast design package.

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The refreshed visual identity of Premios Tu Música Urbano resonates with a modern, global audience, celebrating the vibrant and street-level aesthetic rooted in urban Latino music. The brand's transformation contributed to its widespread recognition, as it embraced the genre's evolution from its humble Caribbean beginnings to an international symbol of energy and youth.

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